Square bottom bag

Square bottom bag features

Whether your needs are aesthetic or promotional, square bottom bags are ideal for packing many different products forms. To ensure the characteristics of stability and strength of the seals Martini will guide you through choice of the most suitable film.

  • Centered or offset seal: depending on your graphical choice, you can seal (fin or lap seal) centered or offset. With a square forming device suitable for the square bottom you can move the vertical jaw with a few simple steps.
  • 4 seals: to make the bag even more stable and solid, you can seal the four corners of the package by adding rigidity to the structure. For example you can choose which type of seals according to the film type (fin or lap seal): it is possible to choose between a 4 seals with centered or offset overlapping flaps seal.
  • Bulk model: even for large size we offer square bottoms bags for easy transportation as well as stocking with accessories like three holes handle.
  • Long-cut pasta square bottom: this type of packaging is often used to enhance craft products, packaged with care and attention, such as spaghetti with bow or other special formats. We have in fact studied machines with customized solutions to guarantee the perfect integrity of these products.

Products suitable for these bags

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