Horizontal weighing and packaging system for long-cut pasta

Martini srl offers the intermittent motion horizontal packaging machine model MLI60, a compact and reliable packaging solution for long-cut pasta.

Thanks to the integrated weighing system and the reduced dimensions, MLI60 is easily installed even in a limited space. The control panel integrates the packaging machine and the dosing system, making the configuration more simple.

The images shown are indicative and represent a demonstration version of the machine. The sales version presents a product outlet conveyor and a protection tunnel adequately conformed according to current European regulations.

Technical details

  • Pasta shapes with length between 240 and 270mm and with a diameter between 1.2 and 4mm.
  • Integrated feeding system.
  • Volumetric scale with microprocessor control.
  • Pressing/forming unit that allows to collect the product very quickly and convey it to the sealing units.
  • Hot bar sealing units with pneumatic motion suitable for thermo-sealable films.

Machine size

  • 1970mm
  • 2370mm
  • 3330mm

Film size

  • 350mm
  • 400mm
  • min 70 - max 80

Bags this machine can make

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