Cannelloni collecting unit

Martini srl cannelloni collecting unit meets high performance requirements even for those who produce special pasta shapes.

Through our collecting unit it is possible, in fact, to pack both smooth and corrugated cannelloni in boxes, thanks to the particular method of pneumatic pick-up, guaranteeing the perfect integrity of the product.

Technical details

  • 24 oscillating stainless steel tubes that perform mechanical movement for the introduction of 3 groups of cannelloni in cartons.
  • Pneumatic suction with special suction cups to avoid breakages of the product.
  • Variable cartons lifting mechanism.
  • Easy customization of the amount of cannelloni per carton.
  • Touch-screen control panel.

Machine size

  • 3700mm
  • 1490mm
  • 3940mm

Packaging this machine can deal with

Products this machine can deal with