Digital multihead weighers

The wide range of digital multihead weighers that Martini srl proposes was designed to ensure the highest performance according to the specific characteristics of each product.

Each head is an independent unit ensuring an excellent calculation speed in every condition; this modular structure also prevents any problem by interrupting the productivity of the machine.

The images shown are indicative and represent a demonstration version of the machine. The sales version presents a product outlet conveyor and a protection tunnel adequately conformed according to current European regulations.

Technical details

  • Variable quantity of heads depending on the production requirements.
  • Modules with independent computing capabilities.
  • Easily removable buckets for a thorough cleaning.
  • Available in several versions: oversized, dimpled, washable, stainless steel, special for pasta nests.
  • Level product sensors.
  • Touch-screen control panel.

Info MMT10

  • up to 90 wpm
  • 3-5 L
  • 750 Kg

Info MMT12

  • up to 110 wpm
  • 3-5 L
  • 790 Kg

Info MMT14

  • up to 140 wpm
  • 3-5 L
  • 800 Kg

Info MMT16

  • up to 160 wpm
  • 3-5 L
  • 900 Kg

Info MMT20

  • up to 220 wpm
  • 3-5 L
  • 1050 Kg

Products this machine can deal with

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