Digital multihead weigher

Thanks to the installation of specific devices, the MMT-STICKS weigher allows to better manage the weighing of sticks*.

By removing the devices for the sticks, the weigher can process any granular product.

*The presence of a triple phase advancing unit on the packaging machine is necessary.

The images shown are indicative and represent a demonstration version of the machine. The sales version presents a product outlet conveyor and a protection tunnel adequately conformed according to current European regulations.

Technical details

  • 16 independent heads that ensure optimal computing performance and permit to by-pass a station that does not work, thus avoiding to compromise the machine functioning.
  • Presence of adapters inside each bucket (both weighing and loading)
  • Special vibrating channel
  • Flat central cone and special flat radial vibrators
  • A collecting cone for each head
  • Level product sensors.
  • Touch-screen control panel.

Machine size

  • 600mm
  • 900mm
  • 1060mm


  • 3L
  • up to 160bpm
  • 900Kg

Products this machine can deal with

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