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Pillow bags are the most popular packaging type for its easy customization and becouse it’s suitable to contain products of various shapes and sizes. It is not to be underestimated, however, the importance of choose the right materials or the correct sealing type to be used to preserve food stuff in the best way.

For this reason Martini srl guides its customers not only in choosing the right equipment to its production but also to which materials or technical solutions is better to use. Our technicians will study the size and the bending points suitable to the weight and size of your product.


Pillow bag types

Depending on your graphical choice, you can seal (fin or lap seal) centered or offset. The offset sealing can be easily performed with the application of a vertical sealing unit with radial support.

List of accessories: Easy opening; Eurohole.

The gussets applied to the bags reduce the overall dimensions of the bag itself making it more suitable, for example, for boxes or cartons insertion.

Related machines: MBM600, M05CV, MX450, MX600, UNICA700

This particular type of pillow is designed to contain long-cut pasta like spaghetti or fettuccine.

Related machines: M08LE, M08LV-EVO

For large sizes such as 5-10kg or more we propose packaging machines able to form pillow bags up to a maximum of 580mm width.

Related machines: MBM800, M08LK, MX800, MX1000, MX1200



Products suitable for these bags

short-cut pasta

Short-cut pasta

long-cut pasta

Long-cut pasta




Pet food

fresh and frozen

Fresh and frozen products


Powder products




Granular products

long-cut pasta

Special pasta shapes


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