Omron Packaging Days 2015

On February 4th, during the conference “Omron Packaging Days” organized by Omron Industrial Automation Italy, Martini has had the opportunity to expose some of the technological solutions implemented in the new vertical continuous packaging machines MBM series.

In front of an audience wich was attended by rapresentativies of the main companies in the packaging sector in Veneto area and from the university of Padua, our Eng. Francesco Gusson gave a speech titled “Flexibility in automatic continuous cycle machines“. Among the topics covered he spoke about: the dynamic calculation of the motion profiles, the drastic time reduction of program’s finalization and the high speed packaging dealing with different types of bags. Martini Company has shown that using advanced technologies it is able to meet the needs of flexibility and compactness required by today’s businesses.

Conference SlidesClick here to see the conference slides (italian only)

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