Intermittent motion vertical packaging machine for long-cut pasta

    M08LK is a combined model formed by one head volumetric weigher and an intermittent motion vertical packaging machine model MX800. This system has been specially designed to meet the needs of compactness and reliability in the packaging of long-cut pasta in large bags up to 380mm width.

    These are some of the main features:

    • Vertical sealing group by means of hot air blow.
    • Horizontal sealing group with 2 hot bars, suitable for sealing laminated polypropylene film.
    • Also a horizontal sealing unit complete with sealing strips, suitable for polyethylene film, is available.

    MACHINE CATEGORY VFFS Weighing and Packaging system for long-cut pasta
    RUNNING SPEED up to 20 bpm
    Reel width max 800 mm
    Max reel outer diameter 400mm
    Bore of film reel core min70mm-max80mm
    Width 1550 mm
    Height 3200 mm
    Length 2100 mm
    NET WEIGHT 1400 Kg

    *Maximum running speed referred to the model with transversal jaws motion by means of brushless motor. this value depends on the product, the bags weight, the packaging material and the infeed condition of the product.

    Here are the accessories available for this machine.

    - Printer
    - Bag support device


    Bags this machine can make

    Catering pillow bag

    Catering pillow bag

    Catering square bottom bag


    Products this machine can deal with

    long-cut pasta

    Long-cut pasta


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