Intermittent motion inclinable packaging system

    Being able to diversify the offer is one of the keys to success of many of our customers. In order to meet these requirements we have created the MX600-FLEX, an extremely versatile machine, which allows to package both fragile products like biscuits or “frollini” and many other products.

    Thanks to a particular mechanism, which can be easily activated from the operator panel, it is in fact possible to set a variable inclination in order to make it suitable to the product sliding inside the forming tube, reducing the impact with the rigid surfaces to the minimum.

    This particular characteristic is added to the extreme versatility that marks the whole MX600 series, including the wide range of accessories.

    These are some of the main features:

    • From 0° to 50° inclinable forming device.
    • Suitable for the use of heat-sealable film reels, lap seal or fin seal.
    • Film unwinding by means of two motorized pulling belts.
    • Pneumatically driven vertical sealing units.
    • Pneumatically driven or motorized horizontal sealing units.
    • Film unwinding unit equipped with photocell and encoder.

    MACHINE CATEGORY VFFS Inclinable packaging system
    RUNNING SPEED up to 100 bpm
    Reel width min150mm–max600mm
    Max reel outer diameter 400mm
    Bore of film reel core min70mm-max80mm
    Width 1650 mm
    Height 2290 mm
    Length 3385 mm
    NET WEIGHT 1050 Kg

    *Maximum running speed referred to the model with transversal jaws motion by means of brushless motor. this value depends on the product, the bags weight, the packaging material and the infeed condition of the product.

    Here are the accessories available for this machine.

    - Printing equipment
    - Vibrator for unclogging product
    - Flat bottom equipment
    - Gusset forming device.
    - Device for the cutting of 3 holes for the formation of the grip-handle.
    - Gas injection device
    - Impulse sealing system
    - Hot bar Impulse sealing device
    - Vertical air cooling device
    - Horizontal air cooling device
    - Edge folding device
    - Vibrator for settling product
    - Hole forming device on the bag upper sealing
    - “Euro-hole” forming device on the bag upper sealing
    - “Tear-notch” device for facilitated opening
    - Antistatic device
    - Automatic film adjustment device
    - Tube metal detector
    - Four-seal unit
    - Bag support
    - Packaging machine shutter
    - Chapelet (chain of total bags)
    - Phase advancing shutter device on the horizontal jaws
    - Motorized horizontal sealing unit
    - Manual reel replacement with edges sealing


    Bags this machine can make

    pillow bag

    Pillow bag

    Square bottom bag

    4 Seals bag


    Products this machine can deal with

    short-cut pasta

    Short-cut pasta






    Pet food

    fresh and frozen

    Fresh and frozen products


    Granular products


    Model variants



    Fully customizable thanks to an extensive range of optionals, MX600 sums up the experience of Martini srl in a model fully adaptable to the use of many different types of products and a variety of packages…



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